English Saddle Guide

Released in January of 2012, the English Saddle Guide takes readers through the process of creating a Stablemate scale english saddle from start to finish.  The guide is 18 pages (including table of contents) and full of pictures, information, helpful tips, references, and links to suppliers. 

The guide includes...

  • 17 pages of information, instruction, and reference material.
  • 71 full-color pictures and illustrations
  • A list of suppliers and helpful links
  • Photos of REAL saddles for reference
  • Pattern for saddle parts, sized for the G3 Warmblood
  • Some tips and tricks to make the process easier
The guide is available as an Adobe PDF for $10, payable via PayPal.  Please contact me to arrange payment.


  1. Can these be resized to fit traditional breyers or schleich horses?

  2. Hey there! This blog is now defunct but left up for archival purposes. I recommend you head over to http://www.dreamflitedesign.com/blog/ to keep up with new posts.

    Inquiries about the English Saddle Guide can be directed to me via email: http://www.dreamflitedesign.com/contact-1/


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