Moving On

As of today, my Blogger blog will no longer be updated in favor of the new blog at If you want to follow the new blog with an RSS feed, please use this link:

I've long wanted to pull my blog in under my domain name, and the new hosting platform has given me the ability to not only do that, but to brand consistently across both blog and website. It's great to have them integrated!

Since Blogger hosting is free, this blog will remain up indefinitely. I may, in the future, distill it down to just the tutorials and informational posts, but that's a job for another day.

Thanks to all of my faithful readers for keeping up with me and my many long silences! Hope to see you at the new blog!


  1. Do you have a feed set up so that Blogger users can still follow your studio blog? I just tried to do so and got an error message that no feed could be found. :)

    1. Hey Katie! My moving announcement might have been a tiny bit premature; the settings that link my domain name to my new site are still a little wonky, apparently, but should even out in the next 24-36 hours. Sometimes I get the new site; sometimes I get the old one when I'm trying to view it. Until those settings take complete effect, the new blog may not be available.

      The new blog does have an RSS feed built in, so when it's fully functional you should be able to plug the blog URL into your RSS feed and go!

      If that doesn't answer your question fully, I'd LOVE for you to shoot me an email at I don't want to leave my Blogger readership in the dust!

    2. Katie, and anyone else wondering: please use to follow the blog via an RSS feed.