Friday of Few Words

Not much time to write today, but the owner of the Secretariat racing set kindly sent me photos!  Here they are, courtesy of Jessica.

And, to flesh this post out, here are a few other unique projects I've worked on over the years!

Circa 2008

Sometime in 2010

2009 or 2010, I think...

2008 or 2009

2009, I think.


  1. O.My.Gosh. So beautiful...

    And you can even make AWESOME Mini Whinnie Tack!!!

    How do you do it!?

  2. I'm boggled by stablemate tack, but that Mini Whinnie parade set . . . wowza. Amazing.

    I love that police horse tack set - great tribute to some really awesome, cool-headed horses.

  3. O_O that mini whinie tack! I knew you made it for a while but the parade set is stunning.
    Love the little highland pony stallion set too, very cute.

  4. That police tack set is fantastic. All the little details are just blowing my mind. What did you use for the face shield?


  5. I don't think I have ever seen model horse police tack, before. WOW! The parade set is really impressive. How did you make it with out going blind?

  6. The parade set is stunning. I think it's the only truly in-scale bit of mini-whinney tack I've ever seen

  7. You're welcome! :) Also, I am quite enamored with the police tack set and echo everyone's response to the mini whinnie parade set. Awesome!

    Jessica Sneeringer

  8. That race tack is amazing, but I think my favorite is the police tack! I have never seen police tack in this scale- outstanding work!