New Toy!

I picked up a cheap P&S camera via Amazon's Gold Box deals earlier last week, and it arrived yesterday afternoon.  It's a nice little Canon Powershot that was 60% off or thereabouts.  Definitely worth picking up, though it won't completely replace my Nikon D60.  I can take the Canon along to the lake or any other event that I consider 'high risk' in place of my Nikon.  Losing or damaging a $50 camera will result in far fewer tears than losing or damaging a $650 camera!  I'm pretty impressed with the quality, too, and excited to have video on it!

Unfortunately, I've already learned that my projected goal of Tuesday/Thursday blog posts won't happen.  Tuesday is press day at the newspaper I work at, and by the time we're done on Tuesday night I'm ready to fall over.  I'll figure something out, though, never fear.

In the meantime, here's a photo (taken on the Canon) of the press I help run:

The press is divided into two units, and I run the unit on the left.  Those white rolls of paper are thicker than regular newsprint and weight around 1300 lbs.   A full roll of newsprint is closer to 900.  The thing is a beast! 

Raffle ends this weekend, don't forget! 


  1. Oh I love my Canon! Though I would still love to have an "actual" camera for my SM-scale needs (my $40 point-N-shoot is great, but it can be quite frustrating to try and focus on teensy ponies...) you're right about the lack of grief over its death, if and when it should ever come ;)
    And that's so cool that you work at a newspaper. I'm not sure why, but it just sounds so interesting to me!

  2. I take Nigel (my Canon 400D) everywhere with me but since I got my iPhone I feel I can leave him at home more as the camera on that, while no match for an SLR is pretty decent for everyday out and abouting. :)