Western Pleasure Saddle

Way back in May I posted some in progress shots of a western pleasure saddle.  Well, it's done!

I had a lot of fun with this saddle.  The carving is more detailed than any other saddle to date, and the silver is a new pattern.  So..more pictures!

This saddle was intended to be part of my personal collection, but unfortunately tuition hit a little hard this semester.  I'll be putting it up for sale to help out with the cost of school.  I don't show, anyway, so a personal collection is a little useless. It's on MH$P and can be found here. Update - It's sold! Good luck to the new owner!

In a general model horse sense, for those wanting a good shot in OF and CM/AR performance classes with as little tack as possible, I strongly recommend a Working Girl and a G4 Driving Horse.  They can trade tack very nicely, and despite some chunky legs the driving horse can be a very nice performance prospect.


  1. I really like the carving and silver. I've been thinking about buying a G4 driving horse for a while, I should just do it.

  2. It's actually tooled?! O_____O
    Your WGis such a lovely horse - shame about the nose rubs! :( That resin always looks to me like such a nice 'horsy horse' if you know what I mean. Not too showy!

  3. Well, carved ;) It's not as hard as it sounds, I promise! Working Girl is SUCH a trooper. She's almost constantly in use for fitting and I'm afraid I'm not very kind to her. Whisky (that's the poor dear's name) has a standing date with her painter for repairs. I just need to find a time when she's not being used! I agree with your assessment of the mold: she looks like a horse that's happy as long as she has a job, and she doesn't much care what it is - she'll do it, and do it with style.

  4. I wish I could've gotten a working girl... I love that mold. I also have a picture of me at a show in May and "my" horse, Beau, is in the EXACT position she is. I think it's neat.
    If you don't mind, what tool are you using to tool?

  5. That's a lovely set. Do you buy your bridle buckles or make them?.
    The G4 driving horse was one of my favourites of the new moulds. I'm lucky enough to have a WG and driving horse but I never get round to painting any of my resins, so she's still nekkid and probably will remain so for a long time!

  6. Whoa! I was wondering how a saddle would look on Working Girl...and now I know! Very nice!
    Have you ever made a western parade saddle?

  7. I've made one parade saddle to date, Julie, but I have one or two lined up when I get my regular work space set up again. There should be a photo of the saddle on the G1 Quarter Horse in my western tack gallery, if you head over to the website (link on the right side of the blog).

  8. Wow definitely the best pleasure saddle I've seen in this scale. You constantly amaze!!