Monday will be the last day of October, the first day of another grading period for my college, Halloween, and the day I'll be interviewed by the TV people! It's official: 11 a.m. Monday morning, they're going to show up at my house and film me making a saddle and whatever else they think will look good.  I honestly have no idea what's going to go down, but I think it's going to be a blast!

Until Monday, I will be...

....Dusting.  Obsessively.  My collection is not large in terms of space, but then again - Stablemates don't take up much room. 
....Working on a couple of saddles.  I'm terrified that something will go wrong with the western saddle I have set aside to assemble, so I'm going to start an english saddle just in case.
....Organizing.  Also obsessively.  Some people will probably look at this hobby as funny, and I want to make sure that I present a neat, tidy, and more or less normal appearance*.  I would like to point out that the reception of the article has been 100% positive and surprisingly enthusiastic.
....Freaking out.  Just a little.  I'm a bit socially awkward and talk fast, faster when I'm nervous.  That about sums it up.

After Monday, I will be...
...Freaking out. Just a lot.  I had some control over the article, but once they pull out of my driveway I have zero control over what goes on that TV. 
....Breathing a sigh of relief.  It'll be over! I'll have done something I've never done before, theoretically grown as a person, and stepped way outside of my comfort zone.
....Preparing for the comments that are sure to follow whenever it airs.  Though in a way, it might be less than expected.  We print 2000ish copies of the newspaper every month, and I know a lot of people in this town.  Sure, the TV spot will probably reach more people, but the stations cover about 10 counties and I don't know a lot of people out there!

I'm sorry there's been a lot of silence on the blog lately.  I'm finally finding a schedule with classwork, so I'm hoping to spend some more time on the Stablemate tutorial and this poor blog.  I actually got some more editing done last week, so hopefully there's an end in sight.  I'm also going through the process of getting the student edition of Adobe's Creative Suite, so I'll have the tools I need to put this out in a polished PDF.

I also got a little more done on my dapple grey mule! Meet "Boo."

She's far from done, but I like where she's going.  I have a collection of four mule resins now; this girl, Frank, Ellie Mae, and the AA mule.  I named my copy of Frank "Atticus" after the character from To Kill A Mockingbird, and I'm continuing the theme with the rest of my mules.  Ellie Mae has been dubbed Harper, but the AA Mule will have to wait until he's been repaired and has some clothes before he gets a name.

*We all know I'm not normal, so I guess it's trying to look a little less abnormal than normal. Right?


  1. It just seems to be the slow season for blogging! I am tickled to note from one of your last posts that you too watch SG-1 while working. If you do some revising on the saddle tutorial I'd be happy to get back to work on that and tackle the panels (eeks!).

    Good luck with the interview! I'm sure you'll do the hobby proud.

  2. Good luck from me too! I hope the TV crew have a good macro lense to capture all the stunning detail on such a small scale!

  3. Good luck for Monday! I'm sure you'll be fine - treat it like you're talking to other hobbyists, or even better, NEWBIES to the hobby rather than OMG TV PEOPLE! XD

    Boo is adorable! ^^

  4. Alas, my contact at the studio emailed today and said they may not have a photographer available on Monday so...I'm not exactly sure where that leaves us. Monday is a maybe, the rest of the week is also a maybe. I'm not very fond of the wishywashy vibe I'm getting, but there are still shelves to be dusted so postponing a day or two wouldn't kill me.

    Shoestring: SG-1 is my new obsession. I had a really hard time with the first handful of episodes (can we say predictable?) but I watched the last two seasons and two movies with Ben Browder and Claudia Black right after I finished Farscape. I'm going back to ssn1 now and it's a bit better.