English Saddle Instruction Guide

I have one more photo to retake tomorrow, and the guide is officially done!  I corrected some spelling, grammar, and format issues this evening.  Shown above is a screen-cap of the cover page.

The guide will sell as a PDF for $10 a copy, but as a thank you to my blog readers, anyone who emails me and requests a copy between today and January 17th will get a copy for free! 

The guide includes...

  • 17 pages of information, instruction, and reference material.
  • 71 full-color pictures and illustrations
  • A list of suppliers and helpful links
  • Photos of REAL saddles for reference
  • Pattern for saddle parts, sized for the G3 Warmblood
  • Some tips and tricks to make the process easier
I can be reached at akirby@dreamflitedesign.com! If you have a blog of your own, you are welcome to post about this and share this blog post with your friends.


  1. Such a generous offer, Anna. Thanks in advance. I am really looking forward to receiving my copy.


  2. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! It looks like it will be amazing!! Thanks for the great offer, can't wait to try it out myself!! :)

  3. Oooh, can't wait to see the finished tutorial! Thank you for letting us have it!

  4. Thank you so much for offering this for free to your blog readers. You're a real sweetheart, and I'm really looking forward to giving this a whirl myself, since I still have the leather on hand to do it :)

  5. ooo it looks so professional, i have been eagerly awaiting its release for the entire process.
    cant wait to read it, i love to read/see how other artists create their work and about ways of doing things i hadnt considered:)

    eeee so excited well done on it completion, youve done a fab job.

  6. What a nice and generous surprise!
    I'm a watcher for sometime now, but I haven't commented yet. Anyway, I'd love to get to see this tutorial. I want to try to make my own miniature tack one day, and I was waiting for the completion of this tutorial.

  7. So excited for this! I have lots of minis with no tack.

  8. Yay, it's here!
    I'm looking forward to receiving it. :)

  9. Eeee, so glad it's all done and dusted now! :D From the prototype one I followed, all the instructions were very well written and nice and clear. :D

  10. HOW DO I BUY IT?????????!?! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey Winnie! Take a look at the menu tabs just below the header. There's a new link that will take you to the Guide's blog page, and there's purchasing information on there. Thanks for reading!