With the help of Karen Grigson of Bluebird Studio, I've begun prototyping an Australian Stock saddle pattern.  She's been extremely kind and provided detailed photos and an explanation of how things go together on Model Horse Blab (it's in a paid section of the forum - apologies if you 're not a member!).

I'm still prototyping the pattern, and after one finished saddle I can already see some areas that I need to change.  The waist of my seat isn't nearly narrow or long enough, and I'm going to recess the knee blocks next time.  I was also ready to do myself bodily harm when trying to make D rings at 11 pm last night.  Memo to self: Buy new wire cutters.  I should have used 28 gauge wire, but my wire cutters won't handle it.  They're too old and pitted.


  1. Its excellent esp for a first try ! I am planning on trying to make a pebbles one in the next month or so I am currently finishing up a fairly extreme custom pebbles stock horse that I want to do camp drafting with .

  2. I bought myself new wire cutters and it was amazing. Suddenly I could just -wow- cut wires. Like magic!

    That saddle looks awesome. I look forward to seeing more!