Some of you may have noticed the two new buttons on the right side of the blog; one for mailing list, and one for Facebook.  That's because I've found two problems with the blogging format.

One: I don't really have the time or content to post every day.  I'd love to be able to, it's just not where I'm at right now.

Two: The blog is somewhat limited in it's reach.  Not everyone checks blogs frequently; people might miss important announcements!

This is where Facebook and the mailing list (a Yahoogroup created in 2007 that I resurrected) come in.  If you want the important updates delivered right to your inbox, the Yahoogroup is there.  It's announcement only, too, so you won't be inundated with mail.  Sales pieces/commission slots will be announced on the blog, Facebook, AND via the Yahoogroup.

And to make sure this blog post is interesting...here's the latest finished piece! I snapped a rein in two when I was tacking it up for the final pictures on Saturday, but everything's fixed now.


  1. I DO enjoy reading your Blog, although I can see where it would be VERY time consuming.

    I'm not a fan of FB and don't have an account. Any time I've looked at a few pages (where you don't have to have an account to access them) I've found them to be rather jumbled and confusing. IMO :)

    I suppose in the future I'll have to "bite the bullet" and subscribe.....
    In the meantime I'm glad you've resurrected your Yahoo group mailing list.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment, Evelyn! In reality, I doubt much will change with the blog schedule. I just won't feel as pressured to write Something Important every day. Anything important will be posted to the blog and Facebook, and anything really important will hit the Yahoogroup, too. So, in short, the only thing someone without a Facebook account will miss out on are some pictures and some random chatter. Most of the photos will probably make it to the blog, too.

    1. I'm not a fan of the Book of Face either. XD I'm an avid blogreader though so I think I'll stick to this. :P

  3. I have a Facebook acocount but I don't use it often. I'm still distrusting what they do with all the personal files and I don't like the new chronic style.... I prefer reading this blog ;-)) And maybe I should join your yahoo group too! ;-)