Miscellaneous Regular Runs?

EDIT: If you are interested in purchasing a specific model, please contact me at akirby@dreamflitedesign.com. Thanks!

A hunting trip for something in the basement reminded me of the box (plus) of Breyers I have sitting down there. They've been in storage for well over a year, and aside from the very top layer I have no idea who anyone is. I think it's fairly safe to say that anything down there would be sold off, so if I were to gather a list and photos, would anyone be interested? I don't show so can't promise LSQ, but for the most part I attempted to collect models that were in good shape.

Most of what's down there is Traditional and Classic scale, and I've included a few photos in this post. Would there be any interest in $25*/head for adult Traditionals and $10*/head for Classics + shipping? I have no idea how to price them. (No Stablemates - already offloaded everything I didn't want to keep).
*Pending some research. I'm more interested in clearing up boxes, but I have tuition and books to pay for - if I can make a little off of some of them (Bouncer, hinthint), I will.

I can't say for certain that all of the horses pictured would be for sale (but most would) or that the horses pictured are ALL that would be for sale (but I think they are).  I have yet to actually venture down there and see what's in the boxes, and of course I didn't make a catalog before I packed them.

I'd just like to gauge interest, maybe make a couple of sales before I drag the boxes up over Thanksgiving or winter break and list them to MH$P.

PS - Known flaws: the cantering stock horse foals BOTH have seam splits, Nokota has a nose rub (not bad at all), the Strapless is a PSQ custom, Wixom is suicidal, Dreamweaver has small box rubs on a knee, Wintersong (if he's still down there) had red on his sides and maybe something else wrong with him, most of the classics will be GOOD shelf/body and are from Walmart Mustang sets, Bouncer has eartip rubs, and the palomino foals, Lady Phase, Nursing Mare/Foal, and Big Ben are all in gently played with condition - standard nose/ear/hoof/gentle tack rubs. I believe that I have two other Phar Laps in various states of etching and a bay Lady Phase in similar condition that are not pictured. Some of these horses are from my carpet herd days and have second air holes drilled into the opposite side of the mouth to better "hold" a bit.


  1. I'd be interested in the Strapless, and maybe the lying foal and suckling foal?

  2. The Strapless is definitely going, but Cupid and Arrow (nursing foal/mare) and the pair of palomino foals are two that I haven't quite decided on yet. I would most likely insist on selling the pairs as a set, anyway, as that is how they came. You can contact me at akirby@dreamflitedesign.com to discuss buying the Strapless now, though!

  3. I'd be intersted in Strapless, Nakota, the rearing traditional and bouncer. Oh, and maybe the ASB.
    How much would shipping be for one horse? Also would you give me a discount if I bought a few?

    Please let me know!

  4. Shipping for one horse in the U.S. is likely to start around $10. Sorry, no quantity discount - $25 is still a fair body price for the popular molds. I am happy to ship them together if you bought several, though, and that would cut down on your shipping costs.

  5. Sorry it took me so long to reply! Strapless is the common name for the trotting horse second from the left in the top row of the last photo. Her first release was as a portrait model of a mare named strapless, and the first release typically becomes the "name" of the mold.

    1. Wow! It SOOO pretty!! Also I just started making my own minature saddle, I'm having problems pricing it, and I look up to you cause your just amazing, I just posted a photo I what it looks like, and it just needs panels... And I'm having problems with that, any tips? And can you comment on the blog what you think the price range for my minature saddle can be? Thanks SOOO much!! :D

      -shanon (Dakota lights studios)

  6. I'd be happy to give you some feedback on the saddle and pricing via email :) feel free to drop me a line; the addy is at the top of this post.

  7. Okay!! What's an addy? And I think I might've messed up the saddle, well let's just say I attempted to make panels and the saddle doesn't fit properly and taking off the panels will rip the leather on the saddle flaps...