Before and After

This falls under the "real life but vaguely studio related" category. I have a desk chair. Like many college students, it's not a great desk chair but it served its purpose. It's black, because my choices were black or ho t pink when I bought it. You guys know that I have two house cats, right? Well, black fabric + two lap-friendly house cats = disgusting chair that cannot be redeemed through vacuuming.

Yesterday, I cleaned. Everything looked beautiful, except for that ratty desk chair. I decided that I had had enough and when I got home from work, I popped some Pizza Bites in the oven (processed comfort food, hurrah!), poured myself a glass of tea, and Googled "How to recover a desk chair."

Wonder of wonders, there are lots and lots (and LOTS) of hits on "How to recover a desk chair." Most were quite helpful, and I gathered my things and got down to business.

It took me four hours, six blisters, and two splinters under my fingernails, but I successfully recovered a desk chair. There were lots of staples to pull (especially when I accidentally recovered the wrong side of the back rest), the fabric was disgusting, but the foam was, thankfully salvageable.

Two of the six blisters (the biggest ones, naturally) popped. I now have massive craters of ugliness on one finger and my thumb. Thank goodness for bandaids and neosporin.

Before and after photos! (of the chair...I'll spare you the B&A of my hand).

Annnd...class starts on Thursday. If it's not too stressful, I'm going to try to keep picking away at tack and stuff. We'll see.


  1. Oooh, that looks awesome! Chevron patterns ftw! :D

  2. Aha! (facepalm) I never though of recovering a desk chair!
    As a matter of fact, I've thrown away/recycled a chair that was in "rattier" condition then your chair was!
    Nice to know they can be recovered for future reference....