Woop woop, I actually got something done!

The racing set will hit MH$P TOMORROW MORNING.  It is NOT an auction or offers piece; it'll be a straight up first come, first served sale - no time payments. I just want to move it out!

Update: link to the ad is here:

The side saddle, on the other hand...I've had a lot of people remark that they've never seen one in this scale. That's not entirely true; Becky Yeager does side saddles and little people to go with them. They are not, however, common. Mine will be up on My Auction Barn early next week, aiming for a Thursday afternoon ending time.


  1. Gorgeous! That racing set is stunning.

  2. That racing set is fantastic! I still can't get over how fine you manage to get the straps without breaking!

  3. When I saw the racing saddle, I fell in love. Then I saw it on your blog and realized it was yours. Great job! If I had that much, I'd buy it. The detail is great!