My Life Without Model Horses

One of the beautiful things about working from home is the ability to set your own hours.  One of the horrible things about working from home is the ability to set your own hours.  It's a blessing and a curse.  Tack making happens all week long, before I go to my "real" job at the paper and usually after I get home, too.  Saturdays especially are devoted to miniature saddles, the paperwork, or blogging.  What can I say, I enjoy doing it! I declared yesterday a HOLIDAY, though!

I didn't worry about doing anything business related, though it snuck in a little bit.  As part of a bit of room clean up I transferred my old files into new file folders.  The day wasn't model-horse-free, either.  I've mentioned before that we'll be doing some remodeling in a few weeks, and I started packing up in preparation.  My room sits on a corner, and when two windows were replaced last year we discovered mold in the exterior drywall and insulation.  This summer we'll rip those walls down to the studs and replace the insulation and drywall.  We'll also finish trimming out the windows and repaint. 

I packed up my models and all of my breakables last night.  My room is now free of model horses.  They're living in boxes in the spare bedroom until the remodel is completely finished.  The resins have fleece pouches and are staying in my closet, away from cats and unwitting helpers who might put something heavy on their shoebox.  When we start tearing down next week, I'll pack up my studio, too.  I'll be without it for at least two weeks, possibly longer.  I'll be accepting new orders once it's back up and running, though!

I'm going to get going on the saddle tutorial today, so never fear: there will be another update today or tonight with pictures!


  1. Oooh yay! I can't wait! ^^

    Heh, I had to laugh at you being able to just pack up all your model stuff in one afternoon - I have *SO* much stuff I'm not even joking when I say it would take at least a week. XD

  2. The only reason I don't have to pack ALL of it up is that a lot of it lives in my closet! I have a double closet: two standard closets next to each other. One side is for clothes and one side has a cabinet in it that I store model stuff, art stuff, and other odds and ends in. That wall isn't going anywhere, so that junk stays pretty protected.

    I wanted to print out the instructions so I could mark them up while I worked, but my printer keeps jamming, stupid thing. Made very little progress this morning.

  3. Heh, I've got plenty of cupboards and boxes and drawers...only...stuff keeps escaping. DX