Raffle Ends TONIGHT!

Don't forget, all of you lovely wonderful people, that the raffle wraps up tonight! Comments will count as raffle entries until midnight tonight, central standard time!

And, so you have something to look at...

I wandered around the countryside a bit this morning and took some photos.  That was my relaxation for the day...NOW I have a website to update, class work to finish, and at some point a dressage saddle to work on!


  1. Eep! I can't wait for the raffle!!
    And those are gorgeous, by the way. What amazing lighting! The first one is my favorite... it sort of looks like the kind of photo an iPhone comes with in its Backgrounds. Nice and relaxing, haha.

  2. Good luck to everyone who entered the raffle! :D

  3. Oooh, lovely photos! I love macro shots! ^^

    Good luck everyone! :D :D

  4. Love the pictures. Very nice views.