One Down!

I was slightly more productive than anticipated.  Over the weekend, I finished assembling the saddle and made the double bridle for my donation to Sugar High Live (formerly Red Deer Rebellion, see last year's donation here), which doesn't appear to have a website but will be up yonder in Canada over Easter weekend. 

I'll ship this out as soon as I take "pretty" pictures, which was supposed to be today.

And then it snowed.

Four or so inches of the stuff.  Snow on a grey day does not a good background make, and I have never had satisfactory results indoors.  We'll be 46 and sunny on Tuesday and rainy on Wednesday, so maybe by Thursday I can take some pictures, eh?


  1. Beautiful saddle set! The bit is selfmade too? Too bad for the weather. Maybe you could try the photo tips of Jamie Baker?

  2. I need to take the time to rig something up for indoor photography, but I'll have to get my hands on a couple of desk lamps first. I used to keep one on my desk, but was frustrated by how much space it took up. My desk is by a window now and I have a floor lamp pretty close by. I'm probably not doing my eyes any favors when I work in the evenings, though.