Playing in Photoshop

I have some downtime between the end of tack making season and the beginning of class, so I finally decided to play around with the website! I've had the same design for almost two years, and while I understand that consistency is important when presenting a business front...the artist in me wants to play!

I haven't actually changed the website yet, but I have a mockup of the proposed design.  Take a look, let me know what you think...if feedback isn't horrible and I don't lose interest, changes could roll out next week!

Image was designed on a 1440x900 resolution monitor.  Please full-view to see how it would look in action/on your screen.


  1. Oh yes, very professional! (although perhaps a little *too* clean for my liking XD)

  2. I agree, Professional looking and I like the look very much. I feel it gives the site a clean updated look! To me site navigation is important and there's no question as to the navigation of the site. With all the navi information on the one side, everything is right there in plain sight, you don't have to go searching for what you're looking for. Nothing is worse than a site that's difficult to navigate, you run the risk of a potential client just giving up. It looks like you won't have that problem. All your information is there but not so "in your face" as to be annoying. I give it "two thumbs up!"